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METAVERSE – The Journey Has Begun

By Peter Wagner

Businesses have the metaverse on their agenda, as both our clients’ enquiries and the latest legislative activities show. The transformation to “Web 4.0” has begun and the European Commission currently sets about regulating it.
There is no time to wait with the strategic analysis of the new opportunities and risks, though. In order to support you, we prepare a series of short blog posts, starting with the following assessment of the current status and our suggestion for your legal focus:
With a growing interconnection of physical and digital worlds based on developing and new technologies, a new virtual and immersive environment develops blending theses worlds, in which business processes are being integrated.
The metaverse is, according to the Commission, based on “advanced artificial and ambient intelligence"

Ready for 2023? Learnings from the Artemis Program ;-)

By Peter Wagner

Legal developments in 2023 will be examined separately. At the turn of the year, I would like to take the opportunity and reflect in short on a project relating to the future, the new space program Artemis:

A closer look at this innovative future- related project shows some interesting strategic approaches. This NASA project is linked to a technical and economic cooperation with international partners such as the European Space Agency (ESA).

The legal questions are equally complex. With regards to access to the Moon, the so-called Artemis Accords with so far 23 signatory states provide for the legal framework, at least from the point of view of the project partners.

Practical aspects such as a focus on soft skills are inherently of a different significance for aerospace solutions.

All in all, therefore, this is a suitable subject for what is, as I hope, an entertaining read “between the years”:

Already the launch of the Space Launch System (SLS), the currently strongest carrier rocket, transporting the newly developed spacecraft Orion into space on November 16th. 2022 was awe inspiring.

You can watch the private video of the rocket launch here.

With regard to technology, the Artemis Program is about ...


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