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Interface Between
Law, Technology and Management

Those who deal with global competition, who engage in export business, who invest capital abroad or who intend to establish or manage companies at home or abroad, need to rely on competent advice.

JORDAN & WAGNER Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH is focusing on the legal assistance for companies with international business.
We also advise and support our clients in the areas of #Business, #Transformation and #Digitalization.

A sound legal framework should be a basis for the development of new national and international markets, as much as it is required to survive in global competition. With our consistent focus on #Distribution, #Technology, #IT, #DataProtection, #IntellectualProperty and #CommercialLaw, we provide advice to manufacturers, service providers, wholesalers and other trading companies.

Whether a Start-up or a publicly listed world market leader is concerned, a small or medium developing company or an international technology enterprise, whether a Hidden Champion or a well-established brand manufacturer, we form the interface between law, technology and management.

We assist our clients to find legally sound strategies when accessing national and international markets. With our specialization, we advise both on wholesale level and manufacturers, from start-ups to international technology leaders.

The analysis of business models, the optimization of established ones and the support of new ones, especially with software support, is a regular part of our work. „Digital Transformation“, Internet of Things (IoT) and AI-Projects increasingly become part of necessary legal assistance.

We assist companies in their project work, when setting up subsidiaries, with their distribution and including use of webshop, cloud and social media services, when facilitating digital operational control and industry 4.0 solutions.

With the help of our network of experts, we also offer competent and sound support for the legal challenges of international and cross-border strategies, IT security and crisis management.

Clear factual analysis even in complex situations, outstanding quality of the legal advice, sustainability, trust and success are the driving forces of our daily independent commitment to our clients.

Out of court services, such as drafting contracts, are the main focus of our work. However, our practice also extends to strong litigation and representation in court proceedings and before arbitral tribunals.

Draw your own conclusions about our legal expertise in the fields of the IT industry, in trade and e-commerce, in the sectors of mechanical engineering, individual mobility (automotive), suppliers, manufacturing industry, software development, finance, renewable energies, real estate, architecture, furniture, fashion, textiles, health, medicine, food and agriculture, culture, art and leisure, media, creative industry, independent professions, social sector, associations and the public sector.